HPE SimpliVity is the fast, simple, and efficient hyperconverged appliance that combines IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated all-flash solution. HPE SimpliVity powered by Intel® offers policy-based, VM-centric management that simplifies day-to-day operations and enables seamless data mobility. Built-in backup and disaster recovery eliminate the need for third-party data protection.

HPE SimpliVity now with Composable Fabric

HPE SimpliVity has always simplified and streamlined IT operations. Now, with the integration of intelligent networking technology, this hyperconverged infrastructure allows users to automate network management operations with end-to-end visualization of a network from a single user interface. In fact, it is the only hyperconverged offering for virtualized environments that integrates compute and storage into a single solution, along with software-defined networking. Customers utilize the intelligent Composable Fabric to allocate network bandwidth dynamically based on the application.

Speed, simplicity, and efficiency are just a few of the reasons why hyperconverged customers rank HPE SimpliVity so highly. With new addition of software-defined networking capabilities, customers now have even more reasons to get excited about this powerful solution. Recently, Gartner Peer Insights, a platform for customers to leave honest, unbiased reviews of the products they are using in their datacenters, assembled a collection of HPE SimpliVity customer reviews. Below is a snapshot of what customers are saying about this hyperconverged solution.

HPE SimpliVity’s technology surprised us… but in a very good way! If I had to rate our experience with HPE SimpliVity, it would be 6/5 stars truly phenomenal pre and post-sales support. The HPE SimpliVity Support team is hands down the best technical support team I’ve worked with. They always find the answer to any issues you might have. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as small as a storage rebalance or a simple question. — Virtualization & Storage Administrator, Finance

HPE SimpliVity delivered incredible performance gains, all while consolidating [our] data center — what could be better! Great support that is dedicated to getting the solution implemented correctly. – SVP/CIO, Finance

I will never go back to traditional enterprise computing! HPE SimpliVity has it all! HPE SimpliVity hyperconvergence has been a game changer in our environment. Our experience has been excellent from the product to the support. — Lead Systems Administrator, Manufacturing

The perfect single vendor solution for virtualization, backups and disaster recover. We were looking for an infrastructure replacement solution for an aging blade/storage solution that provided virtualization, storage, backup, disaster recovery and business continuity. The HPE SimpliVity solution provided all of that with a single product/vendor solution that meets all my needs, and provides centralized support for the entire solution. The storage efficiency for the VMs met all expectations and lived up to the hype. — Director of Technology Operations

The HPE SimpliVity platform is outstanding and customer support is superb! We’re very pleased with our decision to purchase HPE SimpliVity and we have it implemented in 5 different locations worldwide. Performance is fantastic, capabilities are wonderful, it is very easy to manage, and yes…everything SimpliVity says the platform can do is true! This platform has been revolutionary for our business. — Infrastructure Platforms and Operations, Manufacturing

SimpliVity = Simplicity (Believe the hype)! We definitely wouldn’t have waited so long with moving to a hyperconverged solution… but originally we only thought we would be using the HPE Simplivity OmniCubes to store the critical VMs. We ended out moving a lot more stuff over to them once we realized how much easier it was to manage/deploy/backup, etc. — Systems Administrator

Perfect solution for SMB, would fit nicely in enterprise as well. Spinning up [HPE SimpliVity] hyperconverged system was virtually painless on our part. We were able to modernize (and virtualize) nearly our entire datacenter… advanced knowledge of storage architecture is not required, and creating new datastores is easy… Having data-reduction and protection from top to bottom, always on, is great. If I were given the same dilemma today, I would make the same choice to go with HPE SimpliVity. — System Administrator, Manufacturing

We are 100% satisfied. That doesn’t happen often. There is always a punch-list of things we need to go back and improve on…Not with HPE SimpliVity. Bottom line: find the money to invest. You will simplify your environment, you may increase your overall performance (we have), you will get better RTO’s and RPO’s, you will lessen (we will eliminate) your need for an enterprise SAN or all-flash array, your team will love you, and you will look like a genius/hero to the business. — IT Director, Healthcare

Customer from all industries around the world love the speed, simplicity, and efficiency HPE SimpliVity delivers to their businesses. To read more HPE SimpliVity customer reviews, visit the Gartner Peer Insights review page. To learn more about how hyperconverged can simplify your datacenter, download the free e-book, Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies.

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